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In high speed machinery such as turbines, spindles, flywheels or centrifuges, the bearings are crucial for cost of operation, performance and machine life. Among the established bearing technologies magnetic bearings stand out by offering the following benefits:
  • oil- and therefore contamination-free operation
  • higher speed allowing higher power density
  • clean operation and increased reliability through contact-free levitation of the shaft
  • very low vibration levels on the housing and active control of unbalance
  • operation under stringent environmental conditions

MECOS has the know-how, the components and the customer focus to provide a state-of-the-art solution for high speed rotating equipment of all kinds. Our component portfolio is designed to meet a wide range of specifications and can easily be adapted to your requirements. Get more functionalites and benefits with our intelligent control units and easily accomplish tasks such as transfer function measurement, force monitoring, vibration monitoring and the like.

In any case our goal is to satisfy your needs with an industrial grade Active Magnetic Bearing solution for your machine or equipment.

Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) basics

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