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1. Online Contents

Although every care has been taken to assure the accuracy of the content on this web site, MECOS does not warrant the content’s quality and that it is up to date, correct and complete. It disclaims all warranties relative to damage of material or immaterial nature that might arise from the use or non – use of the available contents or from the use of incorrect or incomplete pieces of information in the content. All contents are “as is” and not binding. MECOS reserves the right of modification without prior notice of the entire Web Site, parts thereof as well as of contents or parts thereof. This may also include shutting down temporarily or permanently this Web Site.       

2. References and Links

MECOS may only be liable for direct or indirect references to non-MECOS Web Sites if the contents of these sites are known to MECOS and in cases where it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent the use of these Web Sites provided they offered illegal contents.

MECOS herewith declares that at the time of referencing non-MECOS Web Sites, no illegal contents were evident on those Web Sites. MECOS has no influence on present and future contents of non-MECOS Web Sites and therefore explicitly dissociates itself from all contents of referenced sites that have been altered after referencing by MECOS has taken place. This declaration applies to all referenĀ­ces as well as entries and references in guestbook, channels and mailinglists provided by MECOS.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents in general and damage caused by its use or non-use in particular liability lies solely with the provider of such contents and not with the provider of merely the reference to such contents.

MECOS does not warrant that this Web Site or other linked Web Sites are free from viruses or other harmful elements.

3. Copyright and Trade Marks

MECOS is committed to respect the copyright of illustrations, sound-sequences, video-clips and texts that appear in the content, to use proper illustrations, sound-sequences, video-clips and texts or use illustrations, sound-sequences, video-clips or texts that are available free of licences. All mentioned brand names and trade marks that might be protected by third parties mentioned in the content are unrestrictedly subject to copy- and property rights of the respective proprietor.

The copyright of objects created and published by MECOS remains solely with MECOS. The content made available on this Web Site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, transferred, distributed, stored, modified, downloaded or otherwise exploited for any use without the prior written approval of MECOS.

4. Privacy

Provided this Web Site offers the possibility of entering personal or professional data (E-mail addresses, names, addresses), exposure of this data explicitly happens on a purely voluntary base by the user. Utilisation and payment of all provided services is, as far as technically possible and reasonable, allowed by using anonymised data or a pseudonym.

5. Legal Validity of this Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be understood as part of the online contents. If parts of this disclaimer or wordings thereof do not conform entirely or in part to current legal requirements, all other parts of this document remain intact in content and legal validity.

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